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This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) makes clear how, (“,” “us,” “our,” and “we”) uses user information either user is through any computer, mobile or electronic device and applies to all who make use of our website i.e. – or any of our online actions, links, pages, information we own or control, (collectively, the “Site”). When using, you agree to our Terms of use and consent to Privacy Policy, use and sharing of your information and data, and other activities, as mentioned below.

By using the Site, you are in agreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent with the practices described in this Privacy Policy, please do not interact with the Site.

We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time.

This Privacy Declaration is organized as follows:

  • User Information
  • Users’ Like/Dislike
  • How we use users information
  • Personal Information
  • Juvenile subscriptions

1. User Information

Following is the information which is collected, when you interact with us and the Site, for example, when:

  • You register, subscribe, or create an account with
  • You purchase products or services on or through the site
  • You access or use the site
  • You open or correspond/reply to e-mails
  • You refer/discuss friends, family, or others to
  • You contact us or use other customer support tools
  • You visit any page online that displays our ads or content
  • You are referred via social networking sites
  • You post/comments/reply/feedback to content/online groups
  • You are connected to our vendors
  • You are referred to analytics

This Privacy Policy for user information is limited to the above-mentioned points.

2. Users’ Like/Dislike

You have an opportunity for your choice to inform about your queries related to the market of when we know more about you and what you like, we can serve you better. However, you can limit the communications on your choice that sends to you.

(a) Commercial E-mails

You may choose not to receive commercial e-mails from us. You can be emailed related to your account or your transactions on the site either you unsubscribe commercial emails. You may update your subscription preferences at any time.

(b) Cookies and Third Party Technologies

User information saved in cookies is general phenomena. We work on cookie mechanism for user information and identify the user for the better services in an online market. Many of the information regarding user depends on the browser used by the user so the user can set own settings regarding cookies manually. Proper user information can help us to track you for your desire and give you services as we can possible.

Third party technologies are essential and need to every online business. We use analytics to track the user. Analytics give basic information of users like country, city, real-time, page visits, bounce rate, operating system, browser, other sites used later or before, time spent on site, links of stores pages and etc. These all information helps us to make better services for the user by knowing the users' nature.

3. How we use users Information

For internal business requirements, we can use the user information. We relate the user intent for the services user need and update the users for their requirements, follow them and update them for promotional messages, upcoming products, and services.

For the transaction purpose, we may use the user information with affiliate sites, if needed.

4. Personal Information

Personal Information may be required when to contact the user directly for any specific reason or for user complain/suggestion. We keep secret personal information of the user. For the legal compliance, if any court/legal/government or law enforcement organization/company/group or team who is legally authorized for the access of users personal information, is in contact with us for users information we may share users’ information in that special case specifically.

5. Juvenile subscriptions

Underage subscriptions are not allowed at, we believe that who uses this site is not in the category of Juvenile and if any under-age person is making any transaction/purchase or use of the site, is not responsible for any type of related action.

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